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Marq Lewis, President of We the People Oklahoma and Marq Lewis Network, is seeking a personal assistant. Candidates will be required to assist in takes for both WTPO activism and the MLN media.

The position is part-time, beginning 10-20 hours per week and compensation will be based upon experience and performance. In addition to an hourly base pay, candidates will have the opportunity to earn commission on advertisement within MLN publications.

Responsibilities for the position will include, but possibly not limited within reason to:

Producing quick, factual press releases and media alerts,

Promptly returning emails and phone calls,

Personal responses to inmate letters with an acknowledgement and possible direction in their individual case and sending care packages with literature,

Monitor and engage on social media platforms for WTPO and MLN,

Website updating for wethepeopleoklahoma.com,

Schedule appointments,

Perform advertising sales calls for MLN,

Engage with attorneys and coordinate attorney referrals for community members seeking legal aid,

Occasional courtroom monitoring,

Create an email database for WTPO updates,

Screen, schedule and prepare potential guests for Marq’s nightly Facebook Live show,

Help select local high school students to be featured for achievements.

Requirements for potential candidates start first with self-reporting criminal background check. Criminal histories will not be an automatic disqualified and, in some individual candidates, may increase their value if their experience gained specific knowledge within the criminal justice and penal systems. However, due to the nature of the activism work, it is imperative that a candidate not have current cases or warrants. The work of WTPO and MLN is social justice centered, which often drives personal attacks.

Although Marq Lewis will put no physical restrictions on the official position, he encourages all applicants to be mindful that social justice activism has well documented effects on the mental, physical and emotional health of activists. The hours can be unpredictable and the outcomes of individual cases can be devastating for both the individuals and their advocates. Lewis encourages all applicants to be mindful of potential health risks involved with this stressful, but necessary work.

The personal assistant will a surrogate of WTPO and MLN. There’s a high probability of being documented near Lewis and other activist and published in print or television.

All candidates will be expected to be respectful and professional, even when answering critics of our social justice causes. Also, candidates should have strong writing skills. The assistant will be responsible for social media responses and building relationships with followers. This will include both quick, witty retorts for detractors and forging bounds with both followers and traditional media outlets who mention WTPO or MLN.

Candidates must also be a self-motivated sales person in advertising sales. Commission will be paid on all ad revenue generated by the assistant.                       If interested please email: info@marqlewis.com

Although all potential candidates will be expected to be technologically savvy, Lewis will give the assistant personalized training on all roles of WTPO and MLN.

The position will be 1099 contract labor, so the assistant will be responsible for paying their own taxes. In addition to a background check, the assistant will also be required to sign confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements, as well as a non-compete agreement for a period of six months following any employment with WTPO and MLN.