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Audio Dramas (AKA Radio Plays)

Audio Drama is a dramatic performance written and performed specifically for audio presentation. It had its greatest popularity on radio, before television was introduced, during the period known as the Golden Age of Radio, and as a result has often been called "Radio Theatre" or "radio drama".

Current Projects: G.R.E.E.D. (Gaining Riches Erects Every Demon)

Behind the Scenes

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In life we all have our own demons to face and pastors are no different. In this explosive drama we are introduced to Pastor Keith Simmons (Marq Lewis) who struggles with his inner demons as he attempts to build his dreams while trying to juggle his family life and his church life. His wife, La'Tasha (Jamie Baites) who feels abandoned by her husband intentionally and unintentionally puts road blocks in his way. She tries to prove to her husband that he needs her and she knows that he is hiding something that could be devastating for their future and the future of their church. LaTasha decides to find out what her husband is hiding by any means necessary. Keith doesn't truly understand how to get out of the problems that face him and he would just as soon ignore them. The whirlwind of drama spirals out of control with members of the church setting up pit falls for each other.  In this thrilling drama we can see that even the church has issues of "G.R.E.E.D." that they must face or they will be consumed.


Marq Lewis © 2001-2013

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